Live Review: The Skints (Birmingham, 18/04/15)

By the time The Skints took the stage on Saturday night, Birmingham’s Institute was absolutely packed full and almost overflowing. The far too small Library room quickly became a sweatbox – even before the band had started playing, with the bars becoming overcrowded and annoyingly understaffed. Eventually The Skints took to the stage and were […]

Band Interview: Anti-Flag

Tonight I sat down and had a half-hour phone call with Anti-Flag’s Chris #2. I was planning on asking him the typical questions about his band’s new record, American Spring, and their touring plans, but it got a lot more interesting as we spoke about police brutality in America, his sister’s death, the upcoming elections […]

Live Review: Tuff Love, Dragons That Make Love To Pandas, ItoldyouIwouldeatyou and Belladonnas (Guildford, 9/4/15)

On Thursday 9th April, Tuff Love, Dragons That Make Love To Pandas, ItoldyouIwouldeatyou and Belladonnas played at the Boileroom in Guildford. This great line up comprised of three local bands from Guildford and one on tour from Glasgow. Three-piece all female band Belladonnas began the night, dressed in their pyjamas, with their thrash grunge sound and a […]

Jake & The Jellyfish - Dead Weight

Band Interview: Jake & The Jellyfish

This week, one of Leeds’ finest acts, Jake and the Jellyfish released their second album, ‘Dead Weight’. It’s certainly going to be in my end of year list, and hopefully in many others, the band have made an album so incredibly strong and relatable, that since it reached my ears a month ago I have […]

Easter Sunday Notes – 2015

I hope you’re all enjoying your 4-day weekend! Here is a list of awesome stuff you should listen to and attend; Birmingham indie pop is first off the mark this week; Sonic The Comic have a new album on the way and the preview from it is a track called “Videogames”. The music video is […]

Album Review: Airs and Nevermind Me Split

Music is everywhere. Think about what you’ve been exposed to in just the last 24 hours: TV adverts, background songs on your favourite shows and films, even casually on the radio in the car. When we are permanently exposed to sound it becomes difficult to not just differentiate between it all, but to actually listen. […]