In Appreciation Of… Steve Roggenbuck

With permission, I’ve started reading a “cover” of a Steve Roggenbuck piece called My Ebay Buyers Rating is Through the Roof – I’ve done this a couple of times now, and I’ve noticed that my first mention of Roggenbuck usually gets some positive response in the room from at least a handful of people. So […]

Easter Sunday Notes – 2015

I hope you’re all enjoying your 4-day weekend! Here is a list of awesome stuff you should listen to and attend; Birmingham indie pop is first off the mark this week; Sonic The Comic have a new album on the way and the preview from it is a track called “Videogames”. The music video is […]

Sunday Notes – 29/3/15

Having lost an hour today moving forward to British Summer Time, all is not lost — because here is a breakdown of a ton of new music for you to check out. First up are the magnificent power pop trio Personal Best, who return with Arnos Vale. Looking ahead to May and June, the Bristol […]

Sunday Notes – 15/3/15

This week has admittedly been more chilled. On repeat was this from Elvis Depressedly – the first song from the soon to be released album New Alhambra, the long-awaited follow up to 2013’s Holo Pleasures. The LP is set to have a “spring 2015” release via Orchid Tapes and Run For Cover, so I whole-heartedly […]

Sunday Notes – 8/3/15

Greetings on International Womens Day. Last month The Punk Singer was on Film 4 – it’s definitely an essential watch. The film highlights the problems with a male dominated scene in 90s grunge. Similar problems exist at some shows I’ve been to, and in some specific scenes. Whilst I think promoters shouldn’t book “for the […]

Sunday Notes – 1/3/15

Oh hey March! I didn’t see you there. In a week where the line up for Reading and Leeds being male-dominated is in the news, Twitter has become obsessed with a dress doubled as an optical illusion. In all seriousness though, the R&L line up is unfortunate, and I’ve seen a number of alternative posters […]

Sunday Notes – 22/2/15

I’m nearing the end of crazy whirlwind UK tour with Furrow; who have been consistently excellent night after night. Support in each place was different. One of the stand outs for me was Glasgow trio Breakfast Muff, who were really superb. The dynamic of their live performance was kept on its’ toes as each member […]

Sunday Notes – 15/2/15

This week I’m on tour with Furrow  – as this is published I’ll be headed to Power Lunches in Dalston to do probably my biggest gig to date. It’s all a little scary, but really exciting. Touring spoken word is a little different to a straight forward band tour – often promoters aren’t interested, or don’t perceive […]

Sunday Notes – 8/2/15

Hi, my name is Zach. I’m a DIY spoken word artist and music enthusiast. This is a new weekly blog on Seeing Your Scene; detailing the stuff that has caught my eye in music news, sounds you need to hear and, when applicable, a breakdown (in all senses of the word) of touring. As I’m […]