Exclusive: Stream Quesadilla’s (ex-Taco Hell) debut EP (Hopefully)

Quesadilla is the new project from Joe Booker, ex-vocalist for Nottingham emo bands Taco Hell & L’Escargot.

Comprised of 3 full songs, an instrumental interlude and a surprise guest intro, the EP, (Hopefully), showcases Joe’s knack for poppy, emo jams with catchy hooks.

You can stream the whole thing below and download it for free on the Quesadilla bandcamp page. You’ll also be able to pick up a limited (to 20), handmade CD from Quesadilla’s live shows.

You can catch Quesadilla at the following shows:

April 12 – Nottingham @ JT Soar w/ Hora Douse, Bad Idea, Mountain Schmountain

April 13 – Bristol @ Hydra Books w/ Eat Me, Penthouse, Hora Douse, Bad Idea

April 14 – Brighton @ Washed Out Fest

April 15 – Exeter @ DIY Fair

June 23 – Nottingham @ Seeing Your Scene Fest #2

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Max Qayyum

Max Qayyum

Seeing Your Scene / DIY promoter / Cutting Room / Taco Hell

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