SYS Exclusive: Marona take on capitalism in “Red Tape”

Seeing Your Scene is premiering “Red Tape” by US ‘dorm-punks’ Marona today. The band hail from Pensacola, Florida, and are influenced by bands such as Kevin Devine, The Front Bottoms and Elliot Smith.

“Red Tape” sees the band taking on Chipotle, the American fast-food chain.

They explained:

The single is called “Red Tape.” The song’s key line is “we don’t need no Chipotle in this damn town,” inspired by a happening in our town (Pensacola, Florida) where many locals got mobilized on reddit to demand that Chipotle open a franchise here in our town. The song came about after feeling uncomfortable that the one thing people felt so strongly about was a corporate chain restaurant to grace us with their presence when there are far more pressing local issues around our city like classism and racism (not to mention plenty of good, authentic Mexican food). I was listening to a lot of Conor Oberst’s first Desapericidos record then, which is a real scathing anti-corporate record.

Stream the single below:

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