Easter Sunday Notes – 2015

I hope you’re all enjoying your 4-day weekend! Here is a list of awesome stuff you should listen to and attend;

Birmingham indie pop is first off the mark this week; Sonic The Comic have a new album on the way and the preview from it is a track called “Videogames”. The music video is apt, and will please geeks of any degree. The alt sound is bought up a tone with chiptune elements in the chorus, and is driven by the twee vocals. I’m eagerly awaiting the full album, Atoms – out on 04/05.

In the Scottish depths of Edinburgh, Passion Pusher produce lofi bedroom pop – the muffled vocals and nineties guitar sound are defining characteristics. It’s similar to Art is Hard act Gorgeous Bully. Distant Youth  is one of numerous releases on Bandcamp, with specific tags on each; eg – ‘cheap wine’. Go see them on Friday in Glasgow.

Oh yeah, the Beat Easton / I Love Your Lifestyle tour starts on Friday as well. With a unique sound described as “emo indie pop” I Love Your Lifestyle are over from Sweden and join the equally sad Southampton trio Beat Easton for a ten date roadtrip starting in Plymouth on 10th April.

In Bristol, the NT YRS WKNDR (strictly no vowels here everyone) is drawing to a close tonight with Witching Waves (who I saw a few days ago; they’re ace) and Two White Cranes (whose album is lush) among those performing. That’s at Roll for the Soul, the community bike cafe… and it’s £6, which is a total steal.

Now back to chocolate eating…

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Zach Roddis

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