Looking back at 2014… with Muncie Girls

Lande (vocals/bass) from Muncie Girls looks back at the band’s year!

How was 2014 for you?

Well, it’s been a super busy year. We did Reading and Leeds and Fest which were all big milestones for us. It’s also been the year where we’ve been writing our first album and demoing. We’ve demoed the first half of it and we’re demoing the second half of it at the end of this month, and we’ve just booked in to record it at the end of January. So yeah, it’s been a busy year as a band. And personally I’ve had a well busy year. I think we all have really, so yeah it’s been the best year so far.

What was the most memorable show you played? I’m guessing Fest?

Yeah, I think Fest. Reading was really good. Leeds was pretty good. But Fest was just so many friends all in one place. We were just blown away by the amount of support we had there. There was just so many people and some people were singing along and it was just great. We knew it would be good to see loads of friends and stuff but the actual show was mazing. I definitely won’t forget that.

What was the best show you went to?

I dunno. Well, at Fest I saw loads of bands. I think my favourite was Screaming Females. I hadn’t seen them before and they were just amazing, completely amazing. I don’t know if I’ve been to many shows. I’ve travelled to a few shows, but it’s been more playing shows than going to shows this year!

What are you excited for next year?

So we’ve got our album coming out! We’re going on tour in March to Europe which should be really fun, and then use hopefully booking a bunch of tours. And we’re actually looking into buying a van which will make touring easier. So yeah, just mostly touring and the album coming out!

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