Sunday Notes – 22/2/15

Furrow collab

I’m nearing the end of crazy whirlwind UK tour with Furrow; who have been consistently excellent night after night. Support in each place was different. One of the stand outs for me was Glasgow trio Breakfast Muff, who were really superb. The dynamic of their live performance was kept on its’ toes as each member played a different instrument for practically every song. They are all in separate bands as well; a reflection of a strong scene in Glasgow.

Elsewhere it was great to see Something – the solo project of Oliver Catt, via ASDFG. It was a rare live performance from him in Nerd Hutch, Newcastle (which is a great basement space underneath Travelling Man comics), his music was prefaced by cutting banter with the crowd.

The collaboration between myself and Furrow started in Norwich where I did some spoken word over ‘Time is a Landscape’. I read from dictionaries, which we slowly accumulated during the tour Thom (bass) is doing an art installation involving dictionaries and turning pages. So I thought I could improvise reading from those.

Norwich was great; and spoken word support wasn’t just from me… also reading was Rosalie Gardner, who had some free zines. I really like the way her words are displayed on the page, non-traditional and messing with internet forms. This made for great tour reading. I also wanna do a shout out for Gus Stephens, whose zine ‘Don’t Be Shit‘ was launched at the Glasgow show – a triumph in DIY creative writing.

Show to look out for next week has to be Algernon Doll + Pinact + Hora Douse at Star & Garter in Manchester

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Zach Roddis

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