Band Interview: You Blew It!

We spoke to You Blew It! back at Nottingham’s Hit the Deck. We talked about the emo revival scene, their touring plans and, most importantly, their thoughts on Fast & Furious 7.

You mentioned it in your set, but what did you really think of Fast & Furious 7?

Andy Anaya (guitar): Okay [laughs]. It was enjoyable. I had a blast, but I think it was because we were all laughing at how stupid it is.

Tanner Jones (vocals/guitar): It was the stupidest film I’ve ever seen but I would definitely pay the ten quid to go to see it again.

Andy Vila (bass): Worth it, bad movie. Gotta go with the mindset that you’re gonna laugh.

TJ: They gotta have been thinking “we’ll make it as ridiculous as possible.”

AA: Yeah, they were like “Rock, flex out of the cast!” or “Rock, use one of your wrestling lines.” Basically, the Rock was our favourite character [laughs].

AV: I couldn’t understand Vin Diesel at all. His voice is so low.

AA: He literally lifted a car up at one point.

How was Hit the Deck for you?

AA: Today was awesome. Yesterday was long.

TJ: I think we’re a little unprepared for the type of bands who were playing.

AV: Yeah, as soon as we stopped playing it was like Oathbreaker started playing.

TJ: Strange lineup.

Are you catching anyone else later?

AA: Tellison, they’re really cool.

TJ: A Great Big Pile of Leaves.

AA: Yeah, we’re on tour with them and the Early November, they’re both great. Cancer Bats.

So it’s been a while since you released your last record, and then you guys released the EP earlier in the year. There was a slight change in style on that…

TJ: Yeah. The reception has been great to that. It was surprising. I really liked it, but reception to EPs is always minimal, but people have been talking about it a lot.

AA: We did a lot last year, though. In the last year we’ve done about 160 days of shows, and three releases; the Weezer EP, Keep Doing What You’re Doing and Pioneer of Nothing, all in a very short amount of time.

TJ: We’ve noticed more people have been acknowledging us, too. Like a head bob or something and it’s like, “oh yeah, he loves us!” [laughter].

You guys are obviously on this kinda me revival/pop-punky scene at the moment. Do you feel you fit in well under that label?

AA: Um, I feel like it’s such a vague sort’ve term, and there’s so many bands…

AV: Yes and no.

TJ: That’s where we came up. Playing with all those kinda bands, but yeah we wanna start making different moves now. It’s such a big genre which could collapse at any moment.

AA: It could take the early 2000s route. But yeah, we always hope we can win over new people. When we toured with Say Anything it felt really new and fresh. Then touring with bands like Cohered & Cambria and festivals like this. We just sorta go in with a positive attitude and try our best.

What have you got coming up?

TJ: Um, we just announced dates with Coheed & Cambria in the States.

AA: Yeah, I’m freaking out.

TJ: Most of the year we’re laying low so we can write another LP and take our time with it.

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