Band Interview: Rail-27

We caught up with the smelliest band in the country, Reading’s skacore noise-makers Rail-27, ahead of their “Stinking Up and Down the Nation” mini-tour which starts this weekend, including a Seeing Your Scene show in Bristol at The Chelsea Inn on Saturday 22nd.

What can people expect from your upcoming mini-tour?

Eye watering odour, ear-bleeding noise and anti-fascist propaganda… Also we’ve had some special stinky t-shirts printed if you want to stink in solidarity!

What are you looking forward to about the tour?

Getting to play in front of new people at new places and catching up with some old friends.

How has the reception been to your debut album The Great Unwashed?

Generally positive – Fishlock thought we said “lice in my pubes” a few too many times but we disagree, you can never have too many lice in your pubes! Other than that we’ve had some really nice feedback to do with trying to incorporate different influences.

You’ve been playing for a good few years now, what are your highlights of being in the band?

Playing with your best friends! Also, it’s great to get the chance to go places we wouldn’t normally visit and meet people we would never have met otherwise, we’ve made some really good friends along the way, as cheesy as it may sound it’s been genuinely an inspiration to get to know all these radical human beings in the punk scene.

Do you have any plans for the rest of the year?

We should have another tour coming up a bit further afield, but Rail-27 may be taking an extended hiatus because of other commitments, however we have a couple of other projects we’re working on right now so watch out!

When was the last time you showered?

It’s been 96 hours since I last showered… Roomtown and Boomtown were not kind to our collective stank…

You can catch Rail-27 at the following dates:

August 2015
21st – Liverpool – Maguire’s Pizza Bar
22nd – Bristol – The Chelsea Inn
23rd – Bournemouth – The Anvil
25th – Folkestone – The Harp Restrung

You can also hear the band on the recently released Seeing Your Scene compilation!

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