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News: Viva Zapata release new track “Silvertongue”

Bristol’s Viva Zapata have just released a new one-off track “Silvertongue”, before they tour with ¡Ay Carmela! in February, view the Facebook event here. The track is recorded by Made of Ale Studios with artwork by Rebecca Hahner available to stream and buy via Bandcamp, the band had this to say on the release:

“Silvertongue” is heavily inspired by Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, depicting parallel universes, defiant and daring characters in the fight against authority. This riff heavy homage mirrors the encompassing world of Lyra Silvertongue with the very real and turbulent roads of mental health. Heavy punk choruses reflect how these struggles can leave you disassociated in a world you recognise but do not find comfort in. The outro is the battle for emotional control – a cumbrous, conflicted and crashing process.

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