Album Review: AFI – AFI (The Blood Album)

AFI is an alternative rock band originally from Ukiah, California, formed in 1991. Their current lineup since 1998 consists of Davey Havok (vocals), Jade Puget (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Hunter Burgan (bass, backing vocals) and Adam Carson (drums, backing vocals). The band has dabbled with many genres, most notably ranging from hardcore punk, horror punk, emo and gothic rock. After gaining moderate commercial success with The Art of Drowning before breaking into the mainstream with its follow up Sing the Sorrow, AFI now releases their highly anticipated tenth studio album AFI (The Blood Album) produced by the band’s guitarist Jade Puget.

The album features many excellent standout tracks like “Dark Snow”, “Still A Stranger”, “Aurelia”, “Hidden Knives”, “Snow Cats”, “Dumb Kids”, “Pink Eyes”, “Feed From The Floor”, “White Offerings” and “She Speaks The Language” which leaves The Blood Album feeling like it is absent of any real fillers at all. There is a huge variety of different musical styles from past AFI releases that gives the album a warm nostalgic feel and Davey Havok’s voice honestly sounding the best that it has since Sing the Sorrow, which I would probably compare this album the closest to in terms of artistic vibe.

I know that a lot of people will moan that they aren’t a punk band anymore and yeah, I really miss that too, The Art of Drowning and All Hallow’s EP will always be two of my most prized possessions in my music collection. But AFI (The Blood Album) is a really enjoyable and well-produced album from start to finish and without a doubt one of AFI’s finest pieces of work in a very long time!

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