Album Review: Corporate Hearts – The Shreds

Corporate Hearts have contributed an article for our website before, about their local scene in Philadelphia. They’re lucky to be a part of such an amazing music scene which is responsible for building many of the best-known bands in the genre. Their music is pretty great too. After a couple of releases here and there, their latest offering, The Shreds, seems to be the culmination of a lot of hard work and builds on everything they’ve been doing well so far.

It can be tough sometimes for acoustic punk acts to stand out but this band does a really good job. Throughout the record the band weave personal lyrics between stupidly fast strumming and vocals which are reminiscent of 90s punk and pop punk bands like Alkaline Trio at times .

A lot of ground is covered throughout the ten tracks; some are funny, some are sad, some are soul-searching. Songs like “Hex” and “Waves of Panic” are great examples of how to do this genre right – there’s literally no gimmicks on this record, no extra instrumentation and nothing fancy, yet it manages to keep your attention throughout its half-hour-ish span.

This is another great release from a consistent band. Don’t let the “acoustic punk” tag put you off. There’s no folk influence or anything like that. It’s just like a really good 90s punk band if they didn’t have a drummer.

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Max Qayyum

Max Qayyum

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