Album Review: Millencolin – True Brew

Millencolin is an iconic skate-punk band from Örebro, Sweden consisting of Nikola Sarcevic (vocals and bass), Mathias Färm (guitar), Erik Ohlsson (guitar) and Fredrik Larzon (drums). After several years since their last studio album, they follow up with their new self-recorded release True Brew through Epitaph Records. With their sound returning to the roots of their earliest influences, they’re as solid and on form as they have ever been.

The album features track after track of fast-paced skate-punk anthems which keeps True Brew fresh and addictive on every listen. With so many standouts like “Sense & Sensibility”, “Autopilot Mode”, “True Brew”, “Wall of Doubt”, “Man of 1000 Tics” and my personal favourites “Silent Suicide” and “Mr. Fake Believe”, there’s no filler to be found. Larzon’s upbeat pounding drums drive Färm’s and Ohlsson’s catchy riffs into punk rock ecstasy, with Sarcevic’s vocals and lyrics never being anymore pleasing.

True Brew is an excellent album from start to finish and the band have really hit a high point in their already long and successful career. Millencolin continues to grow and develop with Sarcevic’s lyrics taking a much welcomed political turn. If you’re into other skate punk giants like Bad Religion and Pennywise then this is an album which you’re not going to want to miss out on, an essential purchase and well worth the long wait.


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