Album Review: Owls By Nature – The Forgotten And The Brave

Owls By Nature is a folk-rock band from Edmonton, Canada consisting of Ian McIntosh (vocals, guitar), Cory D (banjo, keys, vocals), Doc De Groot (lead guitar, mandolin, vocals), Fred Brenton (drums) and Mike Nash (bass, vocals). Releasing their second album The Forgotten And The Brave through German label, Gunner Records (home to The Gaslight Anthem), the band continue to make waves with their blues-infused sound tainted with the splash of Springsteen thrown into the mix.

The album features several standout tracks including opening song “Brothers”, “Little Birds“, “Darkness”, “Dancing Girl” and “Would” that wouldn’t feel out of place on the radio. Blending alternative folk-rock with a strong country influence, The Forgotten And The Brave packs in a lot of raw emotion. McIntosh’s vocals work perfectly with the tone and feel of the album and the music is well executed in all places.

While folk-rock isn’t really my genre of choice, The Forgotten And The Brave is rather enjoyable, reminiscent of a road trip around the States soundtrack. Owls By Nature have made a well put together an album that would satisfy any folk-rock fan.

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