Album Review: Pentimento – I, No Longer

Pentimento is a punk rock band from Buffalo, New York consisting of Jeramiah Pauly (vocals/guitar), Vincent Caito (bass), Lance Claypool (guitar) and Michael Hansen (drums). After several years since their first release, the NY quartet follows up with their highly anticipated second full album I, No Longer through Bad Timing Records.

The album (especially the first half) features plenty of standout anthems with “My Solution Is In The Lake”, “Sink Or Swim”, “Clever Reason”, “Stuck Forever”, Gateway” and “Slow But Sure” being my top picks. The band carry so much soul into their sound and Pauly’s vocals are simply hypnotic, wrapped in both honest and relatable lyrics. I, No Longer also has a really nice flow to it, never getting boring at any point and always leaves you wanting more. I’m probably more of a fan of their heavier style tracks with big choruses on the album but only because Pentimento just does it so well.

I, No Longer is a superb album from start to finish and I really enjoyed it from the very first listen. Although it does feel short, it features some excellently crafted hooks that are lit up with both emotion and energy. It’s early 2000’s emo at its finest and one of the best releases of the year so far. Go cheer yourself up and buy it!

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