Album Review: Propagandhi – Victory Lap

Propagandhi is a Canadian punk rock band founded in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in 1986 by Chris Hannah (vocals, guitar) and Jord Samolesky (drums) with their current lineup being completed by Todd Kowalski (bass, vocals) and Sulynn Hago (guitar). Whilst the band’s earlier work depicted a more traditional skate punk rock style, Propagandhi have moved towards a more thrash metal sound in their later albums. The band now release their highly anticipated seventh studio album Victory Lap through Epitaph Records, continuing the themes of anti-capitalist, left-wing, pro-vegan, pro-equality that Propagandhi has become praised for over the years.

Victory Lap features many excellent standout tracks such as “Comply/Resist”, “Cop Just Out Of Frame”, “When All Your Fears Collide”, “Letters To A Young Anus”, “Lower Order (A Good Laugh)”, “Nigredo” and “El Flagrante Delicto” being my current favourites. The album flows extremely well and there doesn’t at any point feel as though there are any fillers thrown in at all. It’s just fast-paced political punk rock from beginning, middle to end, although maybe a bit too metal in places for my own personal taste.

Victory Lap is yet another excellent release from a band that is clearly not showing any signs of slowing down and shutting up. The more that I listen to the album, the more that I like it. If you are a fan of any of their more later releases, then you’re really going to enjoy this album too. Go out and buy it.

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