EP Review: Slowlight – Slowlight

Slowlight is a post-hardcore punk band from Glasgow, Scotland and has been active in the scene for around just over a couple of years. Consisting of band members Colin O‘Hara (vocals, guitar), Beth Black (vocals, bass), Neil Jarvie (guitar) and Steven Hill (drums). They draw their main influence from punk rock favourites Fugazi, Jawbox, Bad Religion and Hoover. Releasing their new self-titled EP digitally through iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Deezer and Spotify, Slowlight have put together an excellent mix of well-crafted songs.

Opening track “Crossfire” introduces the EP with a slow grungy guitar riff that peaks into a catchy solid chorus, some pleasing vocal work from O’Hara and Black which is noted throughout the EP. Fan favourite “13 Snakes” follows up next with a more faster upbeat punk sound, definitely one for the live shows. The stand out track by far is “Repeat the Pattern” which this time features Black taking the lead vocal duties, which works extremely well. Starting mellow and calm before shifting to a more chaotic mood, it’s song progression perfection. The final track on the EP is “Empty Handed” which ends the E.P on a high with another huge post-hardcore anthem.

Slowlight is a great EP from start to finish, I’ve had it on repeat all weekend and the more that I listen to it, the more I feel its pure addictiveness. The band have a tight sound that is amplified through the production and complements the tracks nicely. A full-length release is something that I’m sure anyone who listens to the EP will eagerly be hoping for.

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