EP Review: Contrail – Demo

Contrail, a brand new alternative punk shoegaze-esque band from Poznan in Poland, have just released a promising demo. Their songs aren’t the most complex, but are catchy with a relaxed feel and highlight what they could achieve in the future.

Intro track “I Just Want To” is short but sweet, consisting of only a guitar and simple riffs but loaded with reverb for a distant, dreamy feel. “Fade Out” continues with the same riff minus the reverb and the inclusion of the rest of the band and vocals. If this song continued down the same path as “I Just Want To”, the EP would be more consistent and sound great overall, but nonetheless it still fits the demo.

“The Well We Were Stuck In” starts with a different feel, beginning with upbeat distorted guitar riffs and punchy drums. The vocals are truly punk – harsh and free and the follow the melody of the song and English lyrics with a Polish accent gives the band a unique element in an American dominated scene. The reverb, shoegaze and lead guitar riffs are my favourite part throughout this demo as they show the bands ability to write well whilst understanding how to create the right sound. Now, this just needs to be applied to the rest of the band and their overall sound for consistency.

Demos are not always the best a band can give, but they allow bands to grow, experiment whilst not worrying too much about the production quality. Contrail are certainly growing, and will grow, and have the potential to flourish once their sound is refined.

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Olivia Dytor

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