EP Review: Drift Wood Miracle – Between Three and Four

Drift Wood Miracle is a 4 piece indie band from Durham, NC, USA consisting of Jack Chapman (guitar), Keir Schwarz (bass), Alex Phillips (drums/vocals) and Bryan Diver (vocals/guitar). Heavily influenced by bands such as Brand New, Miniature Tigers and The Dear Hunter, they have put together a new EP that is intended to evoke the experience of listening to a short film soundtrack. With chilled sleepy melodies, post-hardcore guitars and emotional lyrics, Drift Wood Miracle prepare to take you on a journey of many moods with their latest release Between Three and Four.
The EP’s opening track “41 (Blue)” sets the overall tone, it’s well placed and hauntingly relaxing with superb vocal harmonies. The following track “Typical” is my favourite by far, moving the sound to more upbeat indie rock with an addictive chorus. “But I’m Glad I Met You” starts with French spoken words before bursts of guitars drop the track into a wave of calm. Closing track “Something That None Of Us Fully Understand” brings the E.P to an exciting end, switching the style once again to show the bands diversity.
Although Between Three And Four is rather short (around twelve minutes long), it’s structured extremely well. It did take me a few listens to appreciate it but soon after, I found myself repeatedly going back to it. The EP does lose wind slightly after “41 (Blue)” and “Typical” but overall it’s is worth checking out especially if you are a fan of any of their previous work.
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