EP Review: Janowski – Songs We’ve Gone And Done

Janowski are a three piece punk rock band from London. Their latest EP, Songs We’ve Gone and Done, is a “collection of the best songs” they have written to date. There are certain themes within the EP and the bandcamp page that suggest Janowski are going full Blink 182 punk rock and not taking themselves very seriously, from the silly artwork, to the EP name, to things like “recorded by that bloke in The Hell.”

The first track on Songs We’ve Gone and Done, “Numb”, is a dark, melodic punk rock song that provides a good impression as to what the next two songs on the EP will sound like. The husky vocals are prominently different to other tongue in cheek punk rock bands and this gives Janowski their unique selling point and heavier edge to their relatively simple and repetitive songs. “Bruce Is Next” shows the band’s influences from pop-punk, hardcore and punk rock coming together to create their sound. But, “Billy Ewing” is the middle track on the EP and the first time Janowski create an engaging and almost catchy song purely through their guitar riffs, and somewhat through their drumming, although relatively straightforward.

The final two tracks on Songs We’ve Gone And Done, “Catsayemate” and “Loose Change” have a contrasting and much more promising sound, and hopefully, this is the type of music they will be continuing to create instead of what was featured on the first half on the EP. They sound fuller, heavier, bigger, and the vocals sound less forced and more dominant. The songs here are overall written a lot better, as well as performed a lot better, showing that Janowski have clearly grown and begun to find their path.

For the sake of music, as well as Janowski, let’s hope the band continue with the sound on the latter half of Songs We’ve Gone and Done.

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Olivia Dytor

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