EP Review: Magnets and Ghosts – Be Born

Magnets and Ghosts is a two-piece alternative rock band from Atlanta, USA made up of Dean Roland (Collective Soul) and Ryan Potesta. They released their debut album, Mass, in 2011 which was well-received by critics. They now follow it up with their new eagerly awaited EP, Be Born. Influenced by many British indie bands such as Radiohead, Elbow and Doves; it’s clear that they have perfected their craft with a much tighter sound.
Be Born offers a variety of well-produced tracks, from the upbeat and grungy “Drug Money”, the euphoric alt-rock brilliance of “Ascension” to the indie stadium anthem “Here To Save Me”. The almost industrial sounding track “I’m Not The Devil” is a definite highlight of the EP and shows the scope of genres that the band are capable of. The more acoustic opening and closing tracks “Off My Mind” and “Be Born” are a much quieter experience and although they aren’t to my taste, they’re still very strong.
Magnets and Ghosts have made a very polished sounding EP that is worth checking out if you’re a fan of alternative rock. All the tracks add something a little different from the next and there’s no discernible filler. It’s likeable from the first listen and if it sets the tone for a future full-length album then Magnets and Ghosts are a band that will be getting a lot more attention in the coming years.
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