EP Review: Prolebait – Self-Titled

Sometimes your friends write an EP. Sometimes it’s really good. I think that highlights my bias with Prolebait – but, honestly, I’m so impressed with this EP. They are a four piece band from across the country, having come together in Nottingham and as such they are a really good example of a met-at-University band. They describe themselves as “under rehearsed punk rock” and that’s probably pretty apt – they played their first show at JT Soar last year which got them off to an impressive start. After several name changes and finishing touches, they recently recorded their first self-titled EP in 8 hours at JT Soar.

They definitely fit into a more classical style of punk rock, reminiscent of bands like Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. Their sound is well structured and quite typically “punk” but they are a band that have a wide range of influences and that’s clear in their music. Vocals are strong and distinctive which set them apart from a lot of DIY punk bands. Other songs have a little ska influence, like the introduction to “Russian Dictator Sound”, which leads into a faster punk style. Others lead into more melodic sounds like “Cavalry Syndrome” where the vocals take a back seat to the music.

Lyrically, their songs are simple and down to earth but incredibly relatable. Most of their songs are more self-depreciating and self-referential – “I Wanna Fuck All My Friends” in particular comes to mind. “Russian Dictator Standard” is perhaps a little too relatable for most people at some points in their life. They have more politically minded songs like ‘Branded’ which express frustrations with the system.

Combined, their songs tie together typical punk frustrations of a young twenty-something punk fan in a powerful EP. Their unapologetic lyrical style doesn’t shy away from their intended meaning and this definitely makes them more accessible. On the whole, the EP is consistent and it sounds tight throughout. These are songs that come to life when being performed, as with most DIY bands, but this is an impressive first release for the band. I hope to see them becoming a big part of the Nottingham DIY punk scene.


You can stream and download Prolebait’s self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

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Tasha Louise Kitchen

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