Review: Lanterns – This Is Not My Home

What I love about the British punk scene is its depth in variety. When I scour the internet (more often than not: Bandcamp) for hidden gems I almost always find myself pleasantly surprised. Not because of the amount of thriving bands and artists touring up and down the country or the amount of EPs and full-lengths released through DIY record labels, but how diverse the scene really is.

One such band is Gloucester’s Lanterns. Written in an acoustic artist’s bedroom, Joe Banyard formed the band with Kav Townsend, Sam Piper and Brogan Wilson for a fuller dynamic sound. Drawing inspiration from a number of their favourite artists in the emo, punk and country scenes, Lanterns play music in the vein of fellow DIY three-piece Great Cynics and mainstream folk-punk legend Frank Turner.

Lanterns’ debut arrives January 19th through Middlemist Records. Bold and shy in intimate, intrinsic whirling overlaps that work smoothly to deliver the charm of Banyard’s voice upon the frenzied energy of Lantern’s The Menzingers-esque melodies; This Is Not My Home is a diamond-in-the-rough record that holds significant promises.

Songs like “All That You Need” featuring Jessica Grace is a particularly personal favourite, while “Safe with Me” snatches the show right at the end of the record. A pleasantly unanticipated last song, “Safe with Me” is the last breath before the storm hits you. The emotion in Banyard’s voice is so strong it’s almost difficult to listen to.

While being rough around the edge (polished recording would ruin the force of the record, in my opinion) Lanterns’ This Is Not My Home has the potency to unlock many doors for the four-piece. Listen to their songs, see them at a gig, buy their merch, have a good time. Most importantly download the album as soon as its released.

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Josh Jones

Josh Jones

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  1. I think I have the right band here.
    I think I was watching them in Worcester.
    What a load of copy cat nonsense. It’s 2015, people are listening to MUSIC now. Not just lovey dovey lyrics and a few strums of 4/4 chords.
    At the gig it’s obvious there’s a popular member or two as the crowd were loving it but they seemed to know all of them. Lads. It’s good to take your friends to gigs but not when new people can’t watch (not that they would).
    Very dull and basic. They should get rid of both guitarists and just get one good one. Has your frontman only just learnt to play? That guy needs to quit music for good and believe me it would be for the greater good! He has one of those faces you want to throw bottles of piss at, i was considering it (if the place wasn’t full of friends and family). The guitarist just looked like he had no idea why he was playing with them.
    Good drummer and bass. Solid Rythm, I was really enjoying the drummer I thought he had a particular good style (I’d watch him again), bass was tight although he looked like he was in the wrong band, jumping off stage was a bit much. It was like watching a teenage school band with bad haircuts, the obvious put on performance did not suit the music or lyrics, the overall sound was very week and quite simply, dull.

    What band still wears all black? C’mon boys! Your not waiters!
    My advice! New guitarists, new clothes & new songwriters but what would I know, I’m only someone who buys music and goes to local gigs.

  2. as much as I agree with some of that last post its harsh! I know bands only like to hear positive things about their music. Little to much bad in that, mate.

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