Live Review: Gnarwolves @ Hobos, Bridgend

Earlier this week Seeing Your Scene took the train ride to Bridgend’s most-esteemed venue, Hobo’s, in Wales to catch the first night of Gnarwolves’ tour (and their first show of the year) with main support from Boxkite and tonight’s openers, Concave.

Welsh four-piece Concave are bringing the ‘emo revival’ to Wales. Featuring members of the hardcore mob Brutality Will Prevail, the band weave earnest lyrics and flurries of overlaid guitar lines to create a sound that is comparable to Brand New’s last two albums.

The crowd clearly loved the atmosphere Concave created with songs like “On Your Own” being received well, before Boxkite came onstage to smash it to pieces with their growled vocals and no-more-than-three-minutes songs that are reminiscent of early Gallows. Calling themselves “sad hardcore punks”, Boxkite ripped through a set that felt a bit too short but who were obviously enjoying their time onstage, and playing songs from their self-titled 7” which was released last month through Tangled Talk records.

Gnarwolves had people flocking from all corners of South Wales to catch this show. They were in full form and high off the energy of the crowd. Playing an ambitious set of songs spanning all three EPs and the debut LP released in the fall of last year. Crowd favourites “Tongue Surfer”, “Limerence” were played amongst newer songs like “Smoking Kills” much to the crowd’s delight who were going wild and crowdsurfing despite the venue’s strict no-crowdsurfing policy. “Ebb” and “Flow” was an especially unique experience. The song is split into two on the LP but is like watching magic happen when played in full; it’s also the longest song to date the band have written to date, something which Thom jokes about.

Charlie and Thom’s vocals work together well and there is chemistry between the band that can’t be challenged by many. Every song was played faultlessly and there is confidence evident in the performance which has built after months and months of touring. Every show further cements the reasons why Gnarwolves are one of the biggest bands to be keeping the DIY spirit alive and kicking/

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