EP Review: Milk Teeth – Sad Sack

All bands start somewhere small, but when you effectively see the beginning and then the rise, it makes it all the more poignant. I saw Milk Teeth first playing a small venue in Stroud, the Stroud Valley Arts space, and have enjoyed their climb from 2013’s Smiling Politely, the cassette single release of Vitamins, to finally releasing a beautiful looking 12”, Sad Sack, on Venn Records, which Milk Teeth have the joy of being signed to alongside giants such as Gallows and Moose Blood.

Sad Sack shows that the band isn’t easily pigeonholed. Punk, grunge, indie, rock; many terms can be thrown about, which is delightful, and shows an awareness of music that allows the group to constantly evolve, from the more raucous and moody tone of Smiling Politely. Becky, who also plays bass for the band, takes up vocals a lot more in the new release; pounding rock guitars are overlaid with a smooth voice and imaginative lyrics, while guitarist Josh’s vocals remain biting and punchy throughout, dominating tracks such as “Bagels”.

The broad creativity I’m trying to describe in the record can be seen strongly on “Linda”. The song balances an airy, repeated chord sequence used in the verse, interrupted with the hooky, heavy chorus. The song also exemplifies the pairing of Becky’s vocals to Josh’s; the verse and chorus’ distinct instrument and vocal tones clash perfectly, until the finale bring the two singers together for a cataclysmic, yet smooth ending.

The rest of the album, including the single “Vitamins” earlier released on cassette, is just as well balanced, yet punchy, and the record itself is an aesthetic achievement, white vinyl spattered with black and pink.

The future for Milk Teeth looks exciting, being currently on tour with band Hindsights, and with a tour starting in May with Title Fight, the band have proven to rise up strong, and consistently produce great things.


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Tom Stevens

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