Fishlock Fridays #10 – Fight for your DIY venue

I’ve been on tour in mainland Europe twice now and it’s like a whole different world of gigging, particularly from a band perspective. You can arrive at a random bar in France or Germany that you know nothing about and receive the most amazing hospitality, whatever size your band is. You’ll likely get more than […]

Wasters Euro Tour 2014

Fishlock Fridays #8 – Quit your job and go on tour

I’m forever living in the past, in a nostalgia fuelled world where I’ve decided recently to re-read the Harry Potter books and on Wednesday I’m going to see Goldfinger, and I am constantly playing the Tony Hawk video games that made me discover the band in the first place. Does anyone have that stupid app […]

Fishlock Fridays #7: Tory Government (siiiiiiiiiigh)

FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Last night when the exit polls came in, they looked really fucking worrying. But they were exit polls, best not to dwell – it’s not like they’ve asked that many people, in the grand scheme of things. Then the election coverage started, but fuck that, […]

Fishlock Fridays #6 – Less (fun) Than Small Venues

Last Friday I was lucky enough to represent Seeing Your Scene to go see one of my favourite bands from my teens (and most likely one of your favourites too), ska-punk legends Less Than Jake. Less Than Jake played a great fun set filled of old songs, a few newbies, many laughs and much bouncing […]

Fishlock Fridays #5: Pay to Play Must Die

This week I’m going to have a big rant again, because that’s normally what I do best. It’s quite a common opinion among our punk scenes that doesn’t really exist in a DIY basis, but certainly in the local live scene in general there is something killing live music (to an extent), and it’s something […]

Fishlock Fridays #4 – Backwards Thinking is Not Punk

Punk rock is a subjective concept, I find. There is no true definition of punk; it is what you personally feel it is. However, what is certainly not punk is backwards thinking. The punk rock movement should definitely be about forward thinking, trying to make change for the better and very much importantly not excluding […]

Fishlock Fridays #3 – A year in gigs

The year is at the end, so naturally always a time to reflect on the previous 12 months, and 2014’s not been too bad, outside mundane “real life” at least. I’ve somehow managed to put on 14 gigs mostly by myself, and I thought maybe this deserves a proper reflection, rather than what Facebook wants […]