City Guide: Manchester according to Andy Davies (ROTPM/TNS Records)

Seeing Your Scene has begun a City Guide series with that aim of helping our readers explore music scenes beyond their hometowns. Each article has been written by someone living in, and contributing towards the scene of, each city. We begin with Andy Davies’ (ROTPM/TNS Records) take on Manchester. BANDS: It’s really hard to list […]

Colossal Velocity

Album Review: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Colossal Velocity

Contemporary punk is usually all about hyphens: ska-punk, folk-punk, gabba-punk.. Okay, the last one is probably made up. While it is great to explore the possibilities such fusions offer, it is also refreshing that Revenge of the Psychotronic Man offer something which is straight-up, no caveats: punk rock. But don’t get the idea this band […]

Exclusive: Johnny Jet release video for “Shout”

Manchester’s Johnny Jet are premiering their first music video exclusively through Seeing Your Scene! On the song, the band says: Well this is our first single but the band’s been together for years, we’ve never really stuck to a genre or anything, but we’re all really into indie bangers and pop-punk, and recently we decided that […]