Alyx Poska: Joyce Manor and Stage Diving

This is Alyx Poska’s view on the Joyce Manor/stage diving incident. You can read the rest of our contributor’s opinions here! This in no way represents an “official Seeing Your Scene view.” The internet was ablaze and atwitter about a recent stage diving incident at Joyce Manor’s show in Jacksonville. Lead singer Barry Johnson stopped their […]

What’s Wrong With the Kids? – Volume 1

In this exact moment, the biggest single regret of my life is not the stack of wasted life opportunities or the multiple god shit awful choices I’ve made, but the fact that I didn’t manage to dive off the main stage at the Reading Festival. This is a momentary thing, of course, and the reasons […]

The Story of a Punk Rock Band: Comrades (NYC)

PART 1 BY THE SNIKT It all started with a kid who liked punk music. Then he wanted to make his own with his friends. I guess that’s the story behind a lot of bands, just some friends getting together. I guess though as the world changed and got darker this was just a source […]

My Own Emo Revival

Music saves lives. It heals. I’m living-proof. I’ll tell you a story. But there’s a lot I’ll have to put into context. Bear with me. This plays out like Dawson’s Creek meets La Dispute. Each moment or series of moments, some which take a day, some which span years, all somehow have a soundtrack to […]

A guide to Trinidad and Tobago

I’d like to say there’s a punk scene in Trinidad and Tobago. There isn’t.  Is there even a rock scene? Probably not. Why? To me, a scene requires a foundation. Pillars of support so that it’ll develop legs and run on its own. Caribbean-wise, I’ve heard and reviewed bands that come too few and far […]

A guide to Philadelphia

Over the past few years, Philadelphia has gained a reputation as a punk rock mecca— and with good reason. Every year, great bands crop up in the city faster than shitty bands get added to the Warped Tour and it seems like more and more people across the country have started to pay attention to […]