Album Review: Millencolin – True Brew

Millencolin is an iconic skate-punk band from Örebro, Sweden consisting of Nikola Sarcevic (vocals and bass), Mathias Färm (guitar), Erik Ohlsson (guitar) and Fredrik Larzon (drums). After several years since their last studio album, they follow up with their new self-recorded release True Brew through Epitaph Records. With their sound returning to the roots of […]

Wasters Euro Tour 2014

Fishlock Fridays #8 – Quit your job and go on tour

I’m forever living in the past, in a nostalgia fuelled world where I’ve decided recently to re-read the Harry Potter books and on Wednesday I’m going to see Goldfinger, and I am constantly playing the Tony Hawk video games that made me discover the band in the first place. Does anyone have that stupid app […]

Album Review: Tim Vantol – If We Go Down, We Will Go Together

If We Go Down, We Will Go Together, is an accomplished album which showcases Tim Vantol’s impressive talent. While it may not revolutionise the singer/songwriter genre, it contains catchy tunes, thought provoking lyrics and some nice surprises that make it certainly worth checking out. The album kicks off with some raucous chorus vocals before sliding […]

Band Interview: The Xcerts

Following the release of their amazing There is Only You last year, we caught up with The Xcerts at Hit the Deck in Nottingham a couple of weeks back. How was Hit the Deck for you? Murray Macleod (vocals/guitar): Yeah it was cool. Typically hectic, it’s been about a year since we’ve played festivals, so […]

Band Interview: You Blew It!

We spoke to You Blew It! back at Nottingham’s Hit the Deck. We talked about the emo revival scene, their touring plans and, most importantly, their thoughts on Fast & Furious 7. You mentioned it in your set, but what did you really think of Fast & Furious 7? Andy Anaya (guitar): Okay [laughs]. It was […]

Fishlock Fridays #7: Tory Government (siiiiiiiiiigh)

FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Last night when the exit polls came in, they looked really fucking worrying. But they were exit polls, best not to dwell – it’s not like they’ve asked that many people, in the grand scheme of things. Then the election coverage started, but fuck that, […]

The Tory government, poverty and the DIY scene

Today has been awful. Waking up to the news that the Tories have a majority will never be easy. In a few weeks time we’ll probably be wishing we were back with the also awful Lib Dem/Tory coalition. Last year we ran a food drive at our show in Nottingham, where we raised over a […]

Rail-27 - The Great Unwashed

Album Review: Rail-27 – The Great Unwashed

“The Great Unwashed” from one of Reading’s few ska punk bands left is a short but sweet release, barely reaching  25 minutes and only one out of 13 tracks reaches three minutes in length. Having grown as a band after the release of their first few EP’s , Rail-27 certainly haven’t matured based on some […]