News: Guerrilla Monsoon Announce Their Big City Plans

Seeing Your Scene favourites Guerrilla Monsoon have announced the release of eight-track 10″ Big City Plans via Paper + Plastick and Beach Community. The music video for the title track can be viewed here, and the track listing and artwork can be viewed below. Keep your eye out for our second show announcement featuring them soon. […]

Band Interview: A Wilhelm Scream

A Wilhelm Scream from New Bedford, Massachusetts are one of the most technically proficient and respected bands in the scene today. We caught up with singer Nuno Pereira following their UK/Europe tour for a brief chat about their band’s experiences, their stunning album Partycrasher and their views on DIY punk. How did A Wilhelm Scream […]

Band Interview: Perkie

Perkie is a punk singer-songwriter with a twist; she has shed the traditional acoustic set up to play endearing and heartfelt songs on the keyboard. She released her first full length, Time Machines, with a full backing band earlier this year through the Creative Collective Dovetown. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her inspirations, recording process and future […]

SYS Show #1: Muncie Girls + Perkie + more (Oct. 10, Nottingham)

Seeing Your Scene & Golden Triangle Records present… Muncie Girls – Fresh from Reading & Leeds we have the amazing Muncie Girls headlining. Fast rising, honest punk rock. – Perkie (solo) – Excited to have the amazing Perkie come and play some solo stuff for us after releasing the incredible “Time Machines” earlier this […]

The Story of a Punk Rock Band: Comrades (NYC)

PART 1 BY THE SNIKT It all started with a kid who liked punk music. Then he wanted to make his own with his friends. I guess that’s the story behind a lot of bands, just some friends getting together. I guess though as the world changed and got darker this was just a source […]

Album Review: Plaids

Plaids are a four-piece punk band from Nottingham. The band are an important part of the DIY community, as well known for running the venue JT Soar as they are for the raw intensity of their music and electric live performances. We got the chance to review their first full length which will be released later this month with a European tour in […]

Band Interview: Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls are named after a group of molotov cocktail-throwing French Revolutionaries “Petroleuses” and they are just as politically charged and incendiary as you would expect. Fresh from a tour with The Exhausts, we caught up with vocalist Ren Aldridge to chat about cycle wear, feminism, and kitchen crowd surfing! Who are Petrol Girls, and how would you […]