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Perkie is a punk singer-songwriter with a twist; she has shed the traditional acoustic set up to play endearing and heartfelt songs on the keyboard. She released her first full length, Time Machines, with a full backing band earlier this year through the Creative Collective Dovetown. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her inspirations, recording process and future plans before her set at Deadpunk in Bristol.

How did you start out playing solo?

I started out solo because I couldn’t find anyone to play in a band with me. I did an interview for this band with loads of boys and they laughed and me so I cried [laughs]. One day I woke up like ‘what if one day I woke up like what if I die and my music isn’t out there?!’ I had lyrics and stuff but I wasn’t really sure about writing music because I never really chose an instrument. I just started writing stuff on keyboard and put it out on online.

Had you released anything before Time Machines?

I released an EP before with a tour with Itch (of The King Blues) and Sam Russo. I was like 16 and that kind of changed.

How did your approach change with the new record?

I definitely think I started to take it more seriously.

Can you tell us a little bit about the recording process?

Dovetown – well, it wasn’t Dovetown before I started. Sam Brackley, who plays drums in Colour Me Wednesday, recorded and mixed it all. It was really nice experience because it was summer. It was fun because I never found anyone that I felt really got what I was trying to do. Actually a guy that worked at EMI once approached me like you can record for free but I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with that. When the Colour Me Wednesday guys approached me and were like ‘come record in our shed!’, I was really happy. It made sense.

Do you think being friends with bands like Colour Me Wednesday and The Tuts has helped you a lot?

Yeah, I think it’s a natural thing for us to join forces. They play with me as a full band sometimes as The Perkettes, which works really well. I love those guys and they’re incredibly talented, what they have is so strong. They’re gonna blow everyone’s minds.

Does playing solo differ from playing with your other band, Autonomads?

Yeah, the Autonomads thing is very different. We toured Europe and every show is like squats and anti-fascist and feminist. It’s really good. Playing solo is a lot easier but playing in the Autonomads is also a lot of fun.

What are you future plans as Perkie?

Playing one off shows. I’ve got enough songs to be able to release but I’m just trying to figure out. Honestly I’ve been really inspired by Grimes – her music is incredible and she’s done it all herself. I’ve been watching interview after interview with her. I think I’m just gonna sit in my bedroom and try and work it all out. But yeah, mostly I’ll be playing a few one off solo shows with me and keyboard.


You can listen to Time Machines and buy it here.

Check out SYS Show #1 featuring Perkie, along with Muncie Girls, Emma Hallows, Isaac & Mixtape Saints at Spanky Van Dykes in Nottingham – October 10th here.

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