Band Interview: Perkie

Perkie is a punk singer-songwriter with a twist; she has shed the traditional acoustic set up to play endearing and heartfelt songs on the keyboard. She released her first full length, Time Machines, with a full backing band earlier this year through the Creative Collective Dovetown. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her inspirations, recording process and future […]

Album Review: Plaids

Plaids are a four-piece punk band from Nottingham. The band are an important part of the DIY community, as well known for running the venue JT Soar as they are for the raw intensity of their music and electric live performances. We got the chance to review their first full length which will be released later this month with a European tour in […]

Band Interview: Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls are named after a group of molotov cocktail-throwing French Revolutionaries “Petroleuses” and they are just as politically charged and incendiary as you would expect. Fresh from a tour with The Exhausts, we caught up with vocalist Ren Aldridge to chat about cycle wear, feminism, and kitchen crowd surfing! Who are Petrol Girls, and how would you […]

Band Interview: All the Best Tapes

Stoke’s All the Best Tapes have a unique take on punk rock, playing progressive punk yet transcending genres most of the time. We caught up with the band for a chat about their local scene and their experiences with DIY throughout the years. How did you guys start out? We began life as a three piece […]

Band Interview: Muncie Girls

Muncie Girls are 3 piece punk band from Exeter. They have been gaining a lot of well-deserved attention recently, playing the Lock Up Stage at Reading and Leeds for the first time this weekend. They are currently writing their first full length album to follow up their EPs and split with Great Cynics. We spoke […]

Band Interview: PUP

Canada’s PUP are opening for The Front Bottoms on their UK headline tour. We caught up with PUP after their Birmingham show and spoke about Toronto’s local scene, their influences and their experiences. How did you guys start out? Stefan Babcock (vocals/guitar) – Steve, why don’t you tell this one? Steve Sladkowski (guitar/vocals) – We’ve all known each […]

Band Interview: The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms are one of the fastest rising bands of the last few years – quickly going from their DIY roots to playing huge festivals like Reading and Leeds. We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Brian Sella before their sold out Birmingham show on their headline tour with PUP. How did you guys start out? Boredom, I […]

Band Interview: LongFallBoots

LongFallBoots are based in Leamington Spa. Part The Melvins and Part Devin Townsend; they play fuzzy, chaotic music that refuses to be limited by the restriction of genre. We caught up with founding member and singer Alex Caithness to talk about recording techniques, Guitar Pedal building, and taking DIY literally! Who are LongFallBoots and how […]

Band Interview: Ash Victim

Ash Victim is a singer/songwriter who hails from Jersey and is based in Basingstoke. He recently released an album entitled Love, Rage & Confusion with The Buskin’ Punx Orchestra, recorded with his homemade microphone. We caught up with him for a chat about his endeavours. So, how did you get started in making music? When […]

Band Interview: Scribble Victory

Scribble Victory are an acoustic-folk/pop band from Derby. Made up of Jamie Thompson (vocals and guitar) and Tomas Ward (percussion and backing vocals), the band have a unique sound which transcends multiple genres. We caught up with the band to talk about their DIY roots and their future plans. How did you guys meet? We […]