Looking back at 2015… with Oxygen Thief

In the first of our series on 2015 we spoke to Barry of Oxygen Thief about his year!

How was 2015?

Excellent thanks! Kicked off opening for Frank Turner at Independent Venue Week, did a couple of full band tours, a solo acoustic one, and did some writing. Roll on 2016.

What was your favourite moment of the year?

Finding out about Matt Farley (@moternmedia on Twitter) – he writes hundreds of songs every year and puts them on Spotify, they’re charming, catchy, and ridiculous in a wonderful way.

What was the best show you played?

Either the London or Bristol shows on the full band tour in November.

What was your favourite release?

Oh so many to choose from…

Desaparecidos – Payola

Jeff Rosenstock – We Cool?

Faith No More – Sol Invictus

It changes every day. The album I’ve completely fallen for this year is actually 9 years old: The Paper Chase – Now You Are One Of Us. I have regular “90s-early 00s arty post-hardcore is the best thing ever” sessions, and this band was recommended to me – the album is just incredible; dark, weird, funny, intense, heavy… Just brilliant.

What are you excited for next year?

New music from David Bowie, Pity Sex, Thrice, Captains, Super Goliath, Non Canon, and discovering a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of that will rock my face clean off. Also the 10th anniversary of 2000 Trees Festival and getting stuck in to writing the next Oxygen Thief album.

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