Sunday Notes – 1/3/15

Oh hey March! I didn’t see you there. In a week where the line up for Reading and Leeds being male-dominated is in the news, Twitter has become obsessed with a dress doubled as an optical illusion. In all seriousness though, the R&L line up is unfortunate, and I’ve seen a number of alternative posters people have mocked up, a lot of which actually look better than the genuine one (as well as the disproportionate gender balance being an issue for me,  I’m no fan of Mumford & Sons). I saw a few comments along the lines of “festivals like Reading and Leeds are marketed to a male-dominated audience anyway”, but I just think that’s a silly justification of it.

This week I’ve been editing a zine about queerness in DIY scenes. Over the past few months I’ve interviewed a number of bands. One of them is Solanas, a band who I first supported a year ago now, and have done several shows with since. Their gutsy cover of Pixies’ hit “Where is my Mind?” being the first song on their bandcamp – original material starting with We’ll Fall Further… At Least Together via Wolf Town.

Speaking of which, I’ve been listening to In Twenty Years We Won’t Be Sad by Sarah Carey – it’s streaming right here on Seeing Your Scene. I first met Sarah on the tour I did with College; she is involved with Not Cool DIY and has promoted some rad shows over in Birmingham. The 5-track EP is refreshingly honest, give it a listen.

Show recommendation this week is actually tonight; it’s the last ever Plough Lines show. Along with Patty Hearst and Common Place, they support the ever wonderful The Blue Period, here in Manchester at Fallow this evening.

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Zach Roddis

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