Sunday Notes – 15/2/15

This week I’m on tour with Furrow  – as this is published I’ll be headed to Power Lunches in Dalston to do probably my biggest gig to date. It’s all a little scary, but really exciting. Touring spoken word is a little different to a straight forward band tour – often promoters aren’t interested, or don’t perceive spoken word as filling the same space as music. For those reasons, I set up a Facebook group for DIY Spoken Word Touring and I’ve had a positive response so far.

This week saw Valentine’s Day pass us by, it was yucky. I’ve been listening to specific albums; namely the bitter Crush Songs album by Karen O… Note the lyric “…love is soft, love’s a fucking bitch.” Continuing with a similar sound, but with more coy lyrics, i’d also recommend Florist; lofi bedroom pop out of Brooklyn.

I think loads of people will ask me about my influences in literature this week. In addition to the bands that I mention on this blog, I am massively inspired by internet cult figure Steve Roggenbuck. He is fearless in his delivery of absurd statements, I want to be like that. You might also be familiar with his work through a cover on a Shakusky album from a couple of years ago, which is also very cool.

The live literature scene locally, in Manchester, is thriving. My scoop of that is a new EP from James Varney and Lenni Sanders. It’s genius how some of the lines overlap, becoming a number of different signs on each listen. It’s captivating.
Gig to look out for next week: There are far too many to chose from, me and Furrow are up and down the UK, as are Trust Fund. Go see them in London on the 21st because they have a new album which is excellent; check out the new music video for “idk” (album via Turnstile and Reeks of Effort).
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