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Thanks to everyone for coming out to the homelessness show on Thursday! It was a great night. Big thanks to JT Soar for being the best venue around and Guerrilla Monsoon, Perkie, Magpies & Vagabonds and Mixtape Saints for playing amazing sets.

Here’s everything we raised!

Baked beans x20

Soup x19

Noodles x12

Tinned tomatoes x10

Tinned fruit x7

Spaghetti x7

Kidney beans x7

Hot dogs x6

Salsa x5

Chickpeas x4

Biscuits x2

Potatoes x2

Sauces x2

Tuna x2

Pasta x1

Sweetcorn x1

Tea x1

Rice x1

Vegetables x1

Cereal x1

That’s 110 in total. Which is a massive success. We’ll be doing this at all Seeing Your Scene shows because it was so successful and allows us to do something positive while we have fun.

Here are some awful pictures from the show and a couple of the final amount of tins!

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