The Tory government, poverty and the DIY scene

Today has been awful.

Waking up to the news that the Tories have a majority will never be easy. In a few weeks time we’ll probably be wishing we were back with the also awful Lib Dem/Tory coalition.

Last year we ran a food drive at our show in Nottingham, where we raised over a hundred tins of food for a local homeless shelter. That shouldn’t sound like a positive. As is the way, the cities further up north are the ones that get hit. The Midlands are a working class area. I’m from Birmingham which is plagued with poverty in some areas, but not close to what Nottingham faces, in fact being called the UK’s poorest city in 2013.

However, Nottingham has a lovely DIY scene. Now, our favourite venue in the universe, JT Soar, has announced that every show will be accepting food donations. That’s how worried we are by this new government. Over a million people rely on food banks every year. This has grown significantly across the past five years, and will never stop growing until we oust the Tories of any power.

Anything is looking better than what we’ve got now. The promise of five more years of austerity, NHS privatisation, cuts, an EU referendum, repealing the Human Rights Act. All of these ignore the problems that we face on a daily basis. The main of these being increased poverty within the working class. All of this has been bad under the coalition, but now the Tories have essential free reign, not that I’m too sure Clegg was ever any use. Who knows what they’re gonna do next, or most specifically, what they’re gonna cut next.

So, to tie this back in loosely, even though this is just basically an opportunity for me to vent; please support your local DIY scene, please take tins to your food banks or your DIY spaces, support the people in yours communities who are less well off and are gonna be hit the hardest.

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