A Weekender With: Like Home, Nevermind Me, Water Canvas and Pushing Daisies

Four of the best bands in British DIY punk came together to do a weekender from the 12th – 15th February. Done independently, each band put on a show in their hometown for all of the bands to play including Southsea, Bristol, Brighton and Basingstoke. The bands all brought something slightly different to the tour, showing the great diversity in our scene, yet all stood out as bands to watch, listen to and love.

After recently becoming a 4 piece, Pushing Daisies hailing from Bristol have refined their sound into a lazy, yet heavy punk sound by blending pop punk and emo influences. Their live performances are extremely energetic and exciting, and makes their music sound even better than on their recordings.

Water Canvas from Brighton provided the indie/emo crossover feel for the tour with their bright guitar tones and mixture of singing and shouting vocals. Drawing influences from all across the spectrum of the punk scene, they have created their own unique sound which makes them stand out and differ from other bands trying to do similar things. Their live shows are packed with energy, enthusiasm and highlight their amazing ability as a band.

Nevermind Me are maybe the band that differ the most from the rest, but are just as good. Their addition of a female vocalist with a light and high voice mixed with ethereal guitars and fast drums completes their perfectly dreamy-yet-punky sound. Their sound resonates completely through their live performance, captivating and compelling the audience.

Like Home’s fast post-hardcore/punk sound fitted the line up and intimate shows perfectly. Their unique sounds comes from their two vocalists, who alternate on songs, creating variety within their sound. Their two new songs, yet to be recorded, sound different in a slightly grungier way but still retain their original energy and sound, providing excitement for a new record in the pipeline.

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Olivia Dytor

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