Band Interview: Chasing the Race (Australia)

Chasing The Race are a punk/pop-rock band from around Adelaide, Australia. Formed in the late summer of 2011. We caught up with the guys the other day to see how things are going down under.

You’ve just finished recording a new EP, I believe, how did that go?

Samm Hunt (bass/vocals): Still in the stages of recording but it’s sounding hell good, big step up from our others.

You have a very 90s sound to your music, was that a deliberate choice or do the songs just come out that way when you write them?

Harry Gieck (guitar/vocals): We have never really tried to make our sound or to sound like something, so yeah, it’s just sorta come out that way.

You’re obviously influenced by the likes of Blink-182 and Green Day, do you have any influences unusual for a pop punk band?

Aaron Fox (drums): I think we all have our own individual influences, some heavier than others and some poppier than others – not just the usual Blink-182.

Samm and Harry, you guys played your first acoustic gig together recently, do you have any plans for further acoustic shows or releases?

S: Well, we actually got offered by a friend of ours to do some songs with him. So we thought might be a good idea to just do a few acoustics, try out a different sorta thing.

H: It’d be good practice doing more acoustic shows and I think it shows another side to us.

Sick, so do you guys have many plans for the full band over the next few months?

S: Two EPs, as many gigs as we can and definitely a decent size show to release our EPs. We’re thinking of actually just doing them together cause it’s taken so long [laughter].

Cool, I have some questions about the Aussie music scene in general now.

H: Dope.

First of all what’s the South Australia scene like?

A: Rubbish! [Laughter] It’s incredibly hard to draw crowds and that’s all the venue wants, really.

H: It’s very much genre based, I don’t know of any metal bands but they exist and they don’t know about us.

Would you say it’s much different in other states?

H: Sydney/Melbourne definitely would be different as there is more population, but who really knows.

A: For sure yes! More support in like Melbourne and Sydney! When big bands tour they sometimes skip Adelaide, but sometimes have more than one show in Melbourne or Sydney.

Do you know of any producers or promoters doing good work for small bands like yourselves?

S: We talked to some guy in Ohio about helping us, but as for people here, we’re yet to really find any.

What about bands in the local area, who are a few you think people should be checking out?

H: Zerodays.

S: The Drive Home and Deadview.

Okay one last question to finish off, what’s the craziest thing thats happened at one of your shows, or that you’ve seen at a local show?

H: Me and Samm got hell drunk and spent all the free drink cards… Wait that’s every gig!

S: We played a show in Melbourne and the last band was pretty crazy, wrecking the mic stands and hanging from the roof and stuff. He also constantly swore and gave everyone the finger [laughter].

Sounds mental! Anyway I’ll let you guys get back to your GTA session. Thanks for the chat and we’ll hopefully see you touring the UK before long.

A: Fuck yeah, thanks man!

H: Thanks home slice

S: Chilla vanilla

Photo credit: Megan Hewlett-Parker Photography


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