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Drones are one of the fastest rising bands in the UK punk scene. They have a distinctive melodic, aggressive sound, and after the stunning Free Marked Kid, it’s no wonder they ended up on the Download Festival bill earlier in the year. We caught up with singer Daly for a chat about the band.

So, how did you guys get started? Was it difficult starting up in DIY fashion?

Well me and Mitchell [drummer] used to be in a college band together but nothing ever happened with it as we both decided to go to uni in different places. But after a couple of months into the year Mitchell moved back home, and we both said ‘let’s try something new’, so we began writing a few songs from Mutiny in his front room. Our good friend Sam found out that we were starting a new band and gave me Kerr’s [bassist] number, so I gave him a ring straight away, not knowing that he was late for work, let’s say he didn’t pick the phone up in the greatest tones of voices, but we all got on from the word go. We spent about a year together just as a three piece playing around the country and releasing our debut Mutiny, we crossed paths with a local hardcore band called Accident Gallery, and began to get to know Rob [guitarist], who lived 2 minutes walk from me and Mitchell. They broke up and Rob asked if we were looking for a second guitarist, after he offered, it was pretty much a no brainer. It has definitely had its hard moments and still does, but DIY was the only way we knew how to do things when we started so it didn’t really come across as impossible. From doing things ourselves from recording to booking shows, we’ve learnt a lot and met some amazing people along the way.

How did you get to the point you’re at now?

We worked really hard by playing many shows up and down the country as often as we could. A lot to do with where we are now is just our general attitude, I think we give everything as much as we can. Also, I think just being grateful for anything that comes your way goes a long way in our genre of music. Another big point is that people have noticed that we do really care about what were writing about.

What would you consider to be your local scene & how does it treat you?

Our local scene would either be Guildford or Reading. Both are different to one another, for Guildford there are so many shows on during the week due to it being quite a musically academic place. But as far as the punk rock scene in Guildford, it’s not great, it has its moments with DIY shows. Reading seems to have a bit more of a call for punk rock, we played our first show there and it was crazy!

What promoters/venues are doing good work there?

In Guildford our friend Brad at Hooligan Promotions always manages to put on a great show. Recently, we did a fund raiser for the Macmillan cancer support and the show couldn’t have been any better! Also, in Guildford you have GU1 Punx and Rob Piper who also bring in bands from out of town and help put on a decent show. In Reading Fishlock Promotions seem to be smashing it lately, bringing in some amazing bands from all over the place to come and play, his shows are always full of energy.

Where are your favourite places to play in the UK?

My personal favourite place that I have played is Norwich, I really love the town, have no idea why but every time we go there, there’s something in the air. But the general DIY scene up there is great, people really care for the bands that come from out of town.

So you guys just played Download. How was that?

A real pinch me moment, for sure. We couldn’t believe that we got offered the slot, not to mention that people actually came to check us out! To walk out on stage to a packed out tent, we couldn’t have asked for much more, the crowd was great, loads of people singing along who we had never met before.

How did Download come about?

Mitchell saw that we got an email through offering us a slot, so he immediately called us up individually, attempting to tell us that we were playing Download, but no one believed that he was telling the truth!

What are you guys currently working on? When can we expect new music?

At the moment we’re spending a lot of time locked away from any sunlight in a tiny room, writing our new album. We’re all really happy about the way it is going. The songs are really taking shape and coming together. Hmmm we’ve got a rough plan in our heads, but looking towards the start of 2015.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

The rest of the year we are finishing writing this new record, then we head to the studio and record it. We’re heading back to the mainland, with our buddies Giants, in November which is gonna be insane. Those guys kill it every time we have seen or played with them.


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