Band Interview: Mallcops

Have you heard of NDE? No? How often does a Facebook group become a record label? Not very often.

Non-Denominational Emo was started last year by Craig Lindholm to combat the toxicity of other similar Facebook groups which were plagued by genre battles and negativity.

Now, the group, simple referred to as NDE, has transformed into a huge, thriving community, where people share their music, ask questions, and sort shows out.

On the side of that, NDE records was launched, and Boston’s Mallcops were quickly lined up for the first release.

Read out interview with them here, and check out their first great EP, The Funniest Joke You’ve Ever Told here.

Tell us a little bit about the recording of the EP

We recorded the EP with our friend Jake Checkoway in western MA. It was a really low key process. We basically just went in and got done what we needed to. It went really smooth and we’re pretty stoked on how it came out.

There’s a ton of genres I’m hearing in your sound, what are your main influences?

Our influences are always changing. Right now I’m really into the new Turnover record. We’re all really into Title Fight, The Wonder Years, Oso Oso, and The Hotelier.

You released it through NDE. How was that? 

Craig is super great. NDE has been extremely supportive which is really encouraging. We’re excited to work with them more in the future.

What are your favourite DIY bands around right now? 

We’re lucky enough to be on tour right now l with two of our favorite locals Caskets Filled With Flowers and Wen. We also love Sleeping Patterns, 7 Birches, Portkey, Jonesing, Backwards Dancer, Sunstained and Shiver.

How is your local scene in Boston?

The Boston scene is really sick. We’re always going to house shows and larger venues like Cuisine En Locale and The Middle East. Really all of Massachusetts is killer. Everyone’s super supportive and genuine

What have you got lined up?

We’re working on a few small releases and possibly a split for the fall. We’re also in talks with some other bands for a Northeast tour this winter.

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