Band Interview & Session #1: Isaac

Isaac are one of the best known DIY bands in Nottingham, fronted by Andrew Shankland who also plays acoustic shows. We caught up with Shankland after their show at Clear Your Throat fest for a session and interview.

Below is the session; an acoustic version of new song “Slab Square”.

Video credit: Sam Moloney


So how did you guys start out?

It was about two years ago. We just started playing together and really enjoyed it. It’s a sort of stress relief.

Was it difficult in DIY fashion?

Well I’ve always played solo in Nottingham, so we had that. The scene was fine when we started out, but it was more focused on ska than DIY punk. When we started, JT Soar started around the same time as us [Nottingham DIY venue/studio]. So on the whole, it’s been really easy.

Which bands and promoters are doing cool stuff in Nottingham?

Bands, there’s Bluebird, Mannequin, Plaids. Promoters, there’s Coffee Beat, JT Soar, Rammel Club, I’m Not From London and Gaz & Steph at the Maze.

What are your other favourite cities to play?

Manchester is incredible. So are Durham, Norwich and Southampton.

What are Isaac’s main influences?

When we formed, we went to see Ted Leo in London so he’s a definite influence. There’s Fucked Up, Superchunk. For the other guys, there’s a Foo Fighters influence, a lot of American college rock. We often are compared to Alkaline Trio and Husker Du. For me though, the influences are The Sidekicks and punk bands who play pop music.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re doing a run of shows with Guerrilla Monsoon and Signals Midwest. We’re playing in Leeds. And then we’ll be back in the studio to finish the rest of album two.

You can find Isaac’s music here.

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