Band Interview: The Xcerts

Following the release of their amazing There is Only You last year, we caught up with The Xcerts at Hit the Deck in Nottingham a couple of weeks back.

How was Hit the Deck for you?

Murray Macleod (vocals/guitar): Yeah it was cool. Typically hectic, it’s been about a year since we’ve played festivals, so we’re just adjusting back to it. We had fun, people came and watched us. 

Jordan Smith (bass/vocals): Yeah, it was a good crowd.

I heard you were playing the new album in full?

MM: We were meant to, but they haven’t given us long enough.

Tom Heron (drums): It was kinda why they booked us for the show and then two days before they were like “you have half an hour, by the way.” So.

MM: We have a bit longer tonight, but I think we’re gonna skip a song or two.

TH: It’s basically the whole record.

It’s a real mixed bill, isn’t it? Where do you guys see yourselves fitting in genre-wise?

JS: Some bands are playing like Tellison and some bands who do more of our kinda thing… Then there’s bands like While She Sleeps and much heavier bands.

MM: I just see us as a pop band. We’re just infiltrating the rock scene with our pop sensibilities.

How do you feel about the new record now that you’ve had a bit of time to reflect?

JS: The reception has been nothing short of incredible, just talking to people at shows, it clearly means a lot to them.

TH: There’s some songs that we hadn’t played live until this tour and people are singing along. That’s like the best thing ever.

Have you got a particular favourite track to play live?

JS: It kinda changes a lot. I’m digging “Kevin Costner” at the moment.

TH: “There is Only You” is really fun to play live.

MM: Yeah. The first half is incredibly hard to sing and then physically and mentally we just let rip [laughter]. Although, in my head, ever since we recorded that song, I just see people running during the end bit. Whenever we play and people are just standing still I’m thinking “oh, just run! Have an epiphany and hit the streets” [laughter].

That’s what we’ll have to do tonight.

MM: Yeah, I’ll forget I’ve said this [laughter].

It’s been a big year for you guys, hasn’t it? Even just looking at stage positions, you’ve gone from basically opening the main stage to subbing the second.

MM: Yeah. I mean we didn’t even really notice.

JS: We just kinda realised we were on at 8pm [laughter].

MM: Yeah, we don’t really notice that kinda stuff. It just means as much as it did last year really.

JS: The Early November are on right after us so we’re gonna make sure to catch them tonight.

TH: Black Peaks are on right before us so it’s a nice sandwich.

MM: The layout is easier here in Nottingham, too.

Yeah, we’re mostly between this and Rescue Rooms. There’s long walks in Bristol aren’t there?

MM: Yeah. You really have to plan your day. I saw a guy with a ticket which was just for one venue and he didn’t know, and he got turned away at another venue.

What else have you got coming up soon?

MM: This and Motion City Soundtrack, summer festivals. More shows, then we’ve got a couple of Autumn releases planned, but they’re not fully sorted out yet.

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