Band Spotlight: Better Weather on regrouping, trumpet and American Football comparisons

After a year out Better Weather have returned to the UK DIY scene to grace us with their music. A blend of indie/emo consisting of poetic lyricism performed harshly without withdrawal and the welcoming tone of a trumpet, which sits warmly atop their intertwining melodic bass and guitar riffs. Seeing Your Scene caught up with the Kent boys to talk about the past, present and future.

It’s been a long time away for Better Weather, but after what must have seemed like being worlds apart, they now have a handful of live performances over the course of 2015 under their belt as well as new music. When asked about their time apart and what it was like regrouping, bassist Nick Stewart filled us in. He said: “Being at different unis all around the country (and in Joe’s case, on separate sides of the Atlantic) it’s a bit tricky. We have only had time to write one new song this summer, but playing shows at new venues and making new friends is always the best.” But Nick went on to explain that Better Weather had always planned to continue, and they “would just play when [they] can and keep it casual.”

He also assured us that Better Weather hasn’t changed from its roots of playfully sweet emo songs: “Better Weather feels a lot like it always has. The dynamic is just as fun and silly as before. I guess we all feel a lot more confident with where we are as a band; less concerned with trying to ‘make it’ but just enjoying whatever happens.” A nice sentiment from the bassist who equips himself with a six string bass; one of many distinguishing features this band have.

Being an emo band with a trumpet, Better Weather seem accustomed to American Football comparisons: “We try hard to use the trumpet as excitingly as possible and try to get away from any American Football comparison. Whether that works or not I don’t know, but it’s always a ton of fun writing.”  Although they acknowledge the similarities they share with the cult band, Nick explains that they won’t let it lead them astray from the sound they’ve already established: “Our new song is very much in the same indie/emo style as our previous releases, but maybe a teeny-tiny bit more mathy. Don’t worry, the trumpet isn’t going anywhere.”

Better Weather is a band who slot in nicely amongst other acts in the DIY scene and their next steps are sure to be re-welcomed with open arms. However, whilst their dynamic has stayed the same the scene has been subject to change over the past couple of years. When questioned on the matter Nick made an interesting point about the way in which it differs to Better Weather’s previous experience of playing DIY shows. He said: “We’ve found with the DIY scene that house shows are becoming more and more important due to the lack of DIY spaces. That being said, there are a lot of good promoters out there, and shows on the most part seem pretty well attended! Certainly an improvement on previous years.”

You can keep up to date with Better Weather on Facebook here & listen on Bandcamp here.

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