Exclusive: Johnny Jet release video for “Shout”

Manchester’s Johnny Jet are premiering their first music video exclusively through Seeing Your Scene!

On the song, the band says:

Well this is our first single but the band’s been together for years, we’ve never really stuck to a genre or anything, but we’re all really into indie bangers and pop-punk, and recently we decided that we’re ready to get ourselves sorted and put some music out, so that’s what we’re doing! This song is about friends going away to uni, and how much everyone seems to change as they make new friends and have new experiences, and you notice you start to grow apart from some of them, and you don’t get on as well as you used too.. But at the same time you get to have top nights out in other cities when you go and visit, so it’s not all bad!

Check out “Shout” below!

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Max Qayyum

Max Qayyum

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