News: Stu Daly’s “The Kingsford Session” gets Don’t Ask Records cassette release

Our friends over at Don’t Ask Records are giving Stu Daly‘s “The Kingsford Session” the cassette treatment! Each cassette (limited to 40) is pea green and includes a set of five photos taken by Stu from world travels, lyrics, a bonus track, badges and a drawstring badge.

It can be ordered here and streamed here.

Here’s what Stu says of the release:

This EP was written over 2014. It was the year that my girlfriend and I had decided to pack our jobs in and go backpacking for 6 months in the next year. Most of the music was recorded live in Kingsford house in Dublin on the 14th of August. Only afterwards I found out that it was named after Charles Kingsford Smith, who made the first trans-Pacific flight. So it tied in nicely with the EP’s theme of travel. Even the track ‘”My Body’s Broken Down” had something to do with the trip as at the start of the year I became really ill (turned out to be a rumbling appendix, great craic – trust me) which meant we had to delay the trip for a while. The photos that accompany the songs are ones I took with my old film camera, which I smashed in Asia and had a hard time finding someone who can fixit. The film, thankfully, returned home safe and sound. Once we got home and tried to slip back into the lives we had left in Ireland, I wrote the bonus track which has become one of my favourite songs now. It took a while to get the calusses back on my fingers so I could write it. I hope you enjoy it.

Stu Daly tape

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