Album Review: Airs and Nevermind Me Split

Music is everywhere. Think about what you’ve been exposed to in just the last 24 hours: TV adverts, background songs on your favourite shows and films, even casually on the radio in the car. When we are permanently exposed to sound it becomes difficult to not just differentiate between it all, but to actually listen.

If you were to scour the seemingly infinite pages of releases on Bandcamp, past all the records and EPs and splits of numerous artists who leave next to no impression,  You may stumble across a split between Airs and Nevermind Me that will actually prick up your ears.

Airs lay down distorted shoegaze guitarwork over a punk-attitude that fans of Nothing would appreciate. Opener “Pretty Sure” is bursting with energy, crackling with lightening around the edges that threatens to rip apart, loosely holding together in the ambient wind by its intensity. On the totally opposite side of the spectrum – and fully showing off their respective musical styles – their second track “Fade” is a delicate instrumental that tips, tastefully washing away the energy built up in your body from “Pretty Sure” and sending you floating along on waves of patient melodies atop a sea of fuzz.

Nevermind Me tone down the punches laid fresh by Airs, offering charm in their place, reminiscent of what American Football would sound like if they whipped out the reverb pedals and started covering Slowdive songs. “Cinema” is a slow-burner; a calm breeze before the crunch of “Lose You” steps up to the plate to deliver Whirr-esque breakdowns that will chew you up, spit you out, leave you wanting more.

If you like 90s emo in the style of Rainer Maria and The Appleseed Cast or the latest shoegaze age then you definitely need to give the split a stream or two on Bandcamp.


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