Album Review: Auxes – Boys in My Head

Auxes is an indie punk band from Hamburg, Germany who are about to release their latest album Boys in My Head through Gunners Records (German home to The Gaslight Anthem). Members of the band have been making waves in the underground scene since the mid-’90s, they include Dave Laney (Milemarker, Challenger), Florian Brande (Kommando Sonne-nmilch, Airpeople) and Manuel Wirtz (Honigbomber, Die Charts). Their sound is hugely influenced by The Melvins, The Pixies and Nick Cave; it’s grungy, catchy and, at times, a beautiful mess of manic chaos.
Boys in My Head features some great, standout tracks including “To All The Fires”, “Dog & Master” and “I’ve Had Enough” which closes the album on a satisfying high. There are some excellent uses of distortion and melody is packed to the brim with hook after hook. It’s enough to keep you curious and never feeling like the excitement of the album is burning out.
Boys in My Head is a strong album indeed with some well-crafted songs that echo the spirit of experimental noise-rock pioneers like Sonic Youth and At The Drive-In. Auxes have made something uniquely special with this release and has left me rummaging through their back catalogue with a thirst for more surprises.
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