Album Review: Crows An Wra – Kalopsia

Cornwall punks Crows An Wra have released their first full length record Kalopsia. The band describes themselves as ‘Prog-Punk’, and from that genre combination alone, you can already begin to hear what the album sounds like. It has spacey effects and off beat dissonant riffs, blended expertly into mathematical time signatures. However, this album is so much more than your standard math/punk record.

The album opens with the title track, a simple intro building up with echoey synths and whining guitars before cutting into the deep reverb of ‘Perseus.’ A song which pulls no punches showcasing just what CAW are about. The first twist of the album comes in the form of 3rd track ‘Vibrant Colours.’ Vibrant is just the word I would use to describe the riffs that explode right from the start of this song, a stark contrast in tone  to the almost sombre openers. Though don’t expect an upbeat song, as the desperate screams and clever use of pedals give the song an unsettling feeling of urgency and anguish. This vibe continues into the songs ‘Constraint In Secrets and Dismay!’ and ‘The Seconds Slow’ both solid hardcore songs.

The 2-part track ‘Heavy Hands/Blossom’ really sets this album apart from the crowd. ‘Heavy Hands’ is a dark acoustic track, giving the album a break from the onslaught of noise. The respite is short lived however as the haunting vocal melody continues into ‘Blossom’, which explodes into another hardcore attack. Its a combination put together so well you really have to hear it, and you won’t be left disappointed.

After this CWA go back to their bread and butter, and smash out the final two tracks ‘Ataraxia and ‘This Will Soon’ Be Forgotten rounding the album off nicely.

Kalopsia is a great album and leaves you wanting more, I can only imagine how great these guys would sound live. Anybody with 20 minutes spare should definitely give this a listen, or if you’re pushed for time, you owe it to yourself check out ‘Heavy Hands/Blossom’. You will almost certainly come back for more.

You can stream and purchase the album here.

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Stephen Cripps

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