Album Review: Delta Sleep – Twin Galaxies

I first saw Delta Sleep playing with Tera Melos at the eclectic Green Door Store in Brighton, and was instantly won over. Each member of the band showed tremendous skill, as often expected with math-rock bands (I don’t claim to be an expert at all; I am fond of the genre, but as an amateur musician, a lot of the technicalities go over my head). After that I barely heard about them. Their EP Management had been available for a year, and was excellent, and most recently came the exciting news that their debut album, Twin Galaxies, was to be released on June 15th on Big Scary Monster Records.

The album starts with thirty seconds of harmless synth in “Assemble’, before launching into bars of pounding chords in “Unclelvan”. The highlight of the record is the more vocal-driven “Lake Sprinkle Sprankle”, a fine example of Delta Sleep’s excellent harness on rhythm; no matter how the song may range in texture, they never fail to compose interesting and pleasing rhythms, whether with chord progressions or complex picking.

Delta Sleep are beyond the satisfying level of musicianship expected from a math-rock band, composing truly impressive, memorable songs.

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Tom Stevens

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